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“City of Dreams World Tour” with Groundbreaking New Album “Rise of The Serpent”

Los Angeles, CA – [Date] – Los Angeles’ own rock sensations, The Falling Doves, are set to captivate the global stage with their most ambitious tour to date – the “City of Dreams World Tour” with their groundbreaking new album, “Rise of The Serpent.” This worldwide tour celebrates the release of their highly anticipated album, recorded over six years in various locations around the world. Notably, “Rise of The Serpent” stands as a profound love letter to the city of Los Angeles, reflecting its vibrant spirit and the band’s deep connection to it.

Known for their electrifying fusion of stadium rock and Sunset Strip glam, The Falling Doves have shared the limelight with some of rock’s most iconic figures, including Cheap Trick, Echo & The Bunnymen, GNR’s Gilby Clarke, and Collective Soul. Their lineup has boasted the legendary Pete Best of The Beatles on drums, seamlessly blending the rich legacy of rock with its vibrant future. For fans of Oasis, Guns & Roses, and the pure essence of rock ‘n’ roll, The Falling Doves’ upcoming tour is set to be a landmark event, showcasing the evolution of rock music and their tribute to the City of Angels.

“Rise of The Serpent” is more than an album; it’s a voyage into the heart of rock ‘n’ roll and a heartfelt homage to Los Angeles. Showcasing The Falling Doves’ relentless drive for innovation and excellence, the album was recorded in various locations around the world over six years. This ambitious endeavor ventures into uncharted sonic landscapes, weaving together new stories and emotions, while staying true to the exhilarating, soul-stirring essence of rock. It captures the essence of Los Angeles, from its sun-drenched days to its neon-lit nights, in a musical masterpiece.

In addition to the album release, The Falling Doves are excited to announce three new singles from “Rise of The Serpent” that have already captivated audiences worldwide. “You Got That Something,” “City Of Dreams,” and a reissue track, “On Your Own,” showcase The Falling Doves’ signature sound and their ability to craft infectious rock anthems. Accompanying the album and singles, the band has released music videos for each single, further enhancing the immersive experience of their music.

To complement the musical journey, The Falling Doves have collaborated with renowned rock photographer Kelli Hayden and visual artist Pedro Walker to create captivating tour art photography and promotional artwork. These visual elements provide a unique and visually stunning narrative that amplifies the band’s artistic vision and adds depth to the overall experience.

The “City of Dreams World Tour” promises an unforgettable adventure across continents, with performances slated for Norway, New Zealand, Tokyo, the UK, the USA, Canada, Colombia, the Hawaiian Islands, Germany, Amsterdam, and more. This tour is more than a series of concerts; it’s an invitation to join The Falling Doves on a historic exploration of new frontiers in rock music, fueled by their love for Los Angeles and the audacious spirit of “Rise of The Serpent.”

“We can’t wait to hit the road with ‘Rise of The Serpent’ and share this monumental journey on the ‘City of Dreams World Tour,’” said the band. “This album, our most ambitious project to date, is our love letter to Los Angeles, representing years of exploration, creativity, and the desire to push the boundaries of rock music. We invite all rock fans, both old and new, to join us for this historic ride. Get ready for an extraordinary experience.”

Tickets for the “City of Dreams World Tour” are now available for purchase. Visit The Falling Doves’ official website for tour dates, ticket information, and updates on additional show announcements.


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